Osmond Reviews

This is my page of reviews of my Osmond collection.

Here I review The Box Set, Marie's "All in Love," Donny's "Joseph," and more to come soon.

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My Review of Donny's "Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"

On March 29th I purchased Donny's "Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat." Since I have never seen this production before, I wasn't sure of what to expect. I was not disappointed. This video is excellent and as Donny said in Behind The Music, "I left Donny Osmond backstage, and bought Joseph out." This is very true, you almost forget that it's Donny Osmond that's Joseph.

As for the songs, they are excellent. There are so many in the movie, but I have to say that my favorites are "Jacob," "Any Dream Will Do," and "Go, Go, Go Joseph."

If you have yet to buy this video, then I suggest you go out and do so right away.

Donny Osmond: A
all other cast: A
songs: A

My Review of Marie's "All in Love"

A couple of months ago I ordered Marie Osmond's "All in Love" CD. I had sampled it on the internet and of all the songs on it, none appeared on the "Greatest Hits" collection, so I had to buy it. From the samples of the songs, it sounded really good. When it arrived I put it in the player immediately and was even more excited by the music. The songs are great and I recomend this for anyone who enjoys Marie and has yet to purchase this album.

The songs are:

1. I'm In Love & He's In Dallas
2. Raining Tears
3. My Home Town Boy
4. Baby's Blue Eyes
5. Lonely As The Night Is Long
6. 99% Of The Time
7. Somebody Else's Moon
8. Sweet Life (duet w/Paul Davis)
9. All In Love
10. Without A Trace

Marie on Oprah 5/11/00

I recently watched Marie on Oprah and I have to say that Marie is one incredible woman. If it wasn't for that fact that I had people in my room, I would've burst into tears (though i was misty-eyed). It's people like her that make me know that there are people out there with such huge hearts and arms wide open, whether they are famous or not.

I think that right now they don't seem to have a resolution in their relationship (Marie and her husband), but she seems very open minded to whatever may come of the situation. I'm glad that she was able to go along with her feeling that things weren't right and not working as they should. It must've taken alot of courage for her to make her choices and she says she's happy and that's what is really important. I support someone who takes a stand for themselves no matter how hard or alone the things can be.

I am also in awe in how Marie crusades to help children in need with the Children's Miracle Network that she cofounded. She is such a strength and inspiration to many and of all ages.

Donny and Marie: The Best of Vol. 1 & 2 which is from the original show.

These two tapes are great. Considering I never saw the original show (wasn't born yet), I've heard so much about it, and seen clips from specials on them and was dying to see some of the shows they did.

They are absolutely hysterical. Some of the material isn't laugh out loud funny, but Donny and Marie are trying so hard not to laugh, that you crack up along with them. Some of the fun clips they showed included "The Perils of Marie: The Haunted House" skit which was delicious, Marie kept cracking up and trying not to screw up her lines while keeping her accent and Donny would smile and not breakdown which made it even funnier. Some of the other things they showed was them skating (too funny), singing, Donny being thrown in the pie (which was excellent), the classic lines such as "Cute Marie, real cute" and Donny being punched in the stomach plus much more.

What made the videos really special was the they were narrated and commented by Donny & Marie as adults (it must have been a few years ago because copyright was 1997).

They were so cute and I'm so glad I bought the videos. I would suggest anyone who never saw the show to buy them and to those who saw the shows and loved them. You can buy them through the


A little while ago I bought "THE ALL-TIME GREATEST HIST OF THE OSMOND FAMILY" 3CD box set. I have to say that it is the greatest music I have bought in awhile. I never realized how much I enjoyed the Osmonds music until recently, and this set has a nice variety of everyone. If you are contemplating buying the box set, I say go for it. It's worth every penny. I bought mine at BEST BUY for $32.99. I have also seen the box set at Samy Goody's.

Here's what on the CDs:

1. One Bad Apple (Don't Spoil the Whole Bunch)
2. Double Lovin'
3. Yo-Yo
4. Down By The Lazy River
5. Hold Her Tight
6. Crazy Horses
7. Goin' Home
8. Let Me In
9. Chilly Winds
10. Love Me For A Reason
11. The Proud One
12. I Can't Live A Dream
13. I Got You (aka: I Got You/Now and Forever)
14. I think About Your Lovin'
15. It's Like Falling In Love (Over and Over)
16. Never Ending Song Of Love
17. She's Ready For Someone To Love Her
18. Baby When Your Heart Breaks Down

1. Sweet And Innocent
2. Go Away Little Girl
3. Hey Girl
4. Puppy Love
5. Too Young
6. Why
7. Lonely Boy
8. The Twelfth of Never
9. A Million To One
10. Young Love
11. Are You Lonesome Tonight
12. Ours
13. If Someone Ever Breaks Your Heart
14. Soldier Of Love
15. Sacred Emotion
16. Long Haired Lover From Liverpool (w/ The Mike Curb Congregation)

1. Paper Roses
2. My Little Corner Of The World
3. "A" My Name Is Alice
4. Meet Me In Montana (w/Dan Seals)
5. There's No Stopping Your Heart
6. Read My Lips
7. You're Still New To Me (w/Paul Davis)
8. I Only Wanted You
9. Everybodys Crazy 'Bout My Baby
10. I'm Leaving It All Up To You
11. The Morningside Of The Mountain
12. Make The World Go Away
13. Deep Purple
14. Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing
15. (You're My) Soul And Inspiration
16. Take Me Back Again
17. A Little Bit Country (A Little Bit Rock n' Roll)
18. When Somebody Cares For You
19. A Day Late And A Dollar Short