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Alright, I'm going to give you my review of Drowning Mona (released March 3rd, 2000).

On opening night, I took my 12 year old sister to see Mona. I have (in the past couple of years) turned her into a Bette fan and she wanted to see it. So we went and enjoyed it. I'm not sure what she made of it, but I liked it. I was happy to take her because it there wasn't too many inappropriate things that she shouldn't watch.

I think the characters were very interesting, and Neve was told by Jay Leno that she plays "white trash" well and I have to agree. I thought Danny Devito was great as Chief Rash who kept up on the investigation. I'm not a big fan of Jamie Lee Curtis, but her character Rona was odd and I think she played her just well. Will Ferrell was also in this movie, but his role didn't have much effect and his character was very out there (considering you didn't see much of him).

All along I knew Bette's Mona gets killed off and I was actually excited (well not exactly "excited") to see this (don't get me wrong, I adore Bette). When the scence came, I enjoyed it more than I thought because she played her b!tchy character so well, that you felt she got what was coming to her.

Bette did a superb job playing the "meanie" in the movie and I think it was great that she played that character. I know she was a little timid at first, but she definately gave it her all and was very convinceable. And though her character was not glamourous at all, she still looked pretty good in some scences.

The movie was interesting and unique in many ways. The acting was very good, and the plot was one that keep you involved throughout the whole movie. This movie was the type that made you relax and appreciate that you don't know Mona Dearly.

My grades:
Bette Midler - A
other actors - A-
movie script/plot in it self - B+


Hear it is kids. My review (in detail) of the Bette Midler concert. The Bette Midler Kickoff Tour of the Millenium.

WOW!! Unbelieveable. Incredible. Divine. Spectacular. Amazing. These are just the tip-top of the iceberg to descibe this concert.

The concert occurred on October 8th, 1999 at the Fleet Center in Boston, MA. It was to start at 8pm, but nothing like making a grand entrance at 8:15. The stage was fab and she came out of this sphere that was of the world. It was actually half of the world sitting on the stage and she rose out of the world and kicked off the night (and opening tour) with a few lines from "From A Distance". Let me tell you, the sound filled the room and my heart. It was the greatest feeling I have ever had. I was sitting there with my best friend and I was so happy.

Bette was incredible. She looked so great (as usual), only even more divine than most events and she first came out with this gorgeous red dress. She changed a few more times, first into this funky pink and yellow pajama like pants and coat, then as Dolores DeLago and then in a black dress (I fear I may be missing a wardrobe change). For the most part her hair was in a classic 50s (or 40s) style that made her look elegant, yet cute (near the end it was in tight spring curls like she wore last year at the billboard awards).

Bette sang and made alot of jokes. Some of the songs were: "I'm Beautiful", "Lullaby in Blue",
"Wind Beneath my Wings", "Otto Titsling", (which was divine), "I Think it's Going to Rain" (from Beaches), "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy", "The Rose", plus many more. And she closed with "One More for the Road". Two songs I wished she had sung were "Friends" and "My One True Friend". I'm really surprised that she didn't sing "Friends".

She also sang a Gloria Estefan song, Conga, she also did her own copy of "My Heart Will Go On" as Dolores Delago which was hilarious. Another song was "We are the World" (the song for relief in Africa during the 80s) with people in costumes made to look like a bunch of people in choir outfits such as: Micheal Jackson, Cher, and others. Plus, she had 3 individuals dressed like Bill Clinton, The Queen of England, and Barbara (yes, Streisand). It was great; Bill even pervertedly touched one the Harlettes, and Babs and the Queen fought for the mic.

Bette also sang about 4 or 5 songs I never heard before and they were great and one was about Mother Mary and loosing Jesus. Another song was brand new about how she regretted it all and everyone was clapping with the song. Afterwards she said she was surprised that we loved it because she had just cut out two parts of the song for fear that it was too long and boring and asked if we wanted to hear the rest, and of course we did.
Bette made some great jokes and some personal comments about Boston and all the construction. She knew what she was talking about and made you feel as if she was talking to you.

Another great part was near the end, some lady in the front, or second row, got up to leave. Bette then asked her where she was going and the lady said something to her and Bette replied "Fuck You" and everyone clapped wildly at that and then Bette said she understood the traffic was bad and told the lady to leave. And the lady did leave (morons).

The night was spectacular and she had about 3 or 4 standing ovations and we all clapped throughout the whole night (my hands have never hurt so much).

At one point, Bette sat down on the stage at the connecting part between the runway and the stage and she sang "The Rose". All of the sudden people flocked up there placing flowers on the end of the runway and some just a few feet in front of her. It was nice but one forward individual placed the flowers and then got closer and touched Bette's hand while she was singing. It was rather rude but Bette continued on as if it didn't happen.

At the end she told has how great we were and thanked us for the response and "the personal contact" (but I don't think she meant that man).

Bette was so great and I was so impressed. I told my best friend over and over again what a great present this was (it was for my birthday that was October 12th).

My Review of Isn't She Great

Well...I'm not sure how to explain my feelings about the movie. I guess I'll be honest and do my best to share my feelings and try not to spoil the movie.

I went to the movie with my best friend (the one who took me to the concert for my birthday) Saturday night. We went to a 9:30 showing and there was a decent showing of people and a range of ages and both sexes.

Anyways, I loved Bette Midler's acting ability in this movie. Yes, I do love her anyways, but I thought she was very convincing and believable. I also enjoyed Nathan Lane, Amanda Peet, Stockard Channing, David Hyde Pierce, and John Cleese. But I would have like to have seen more Stockard and Cleese. The acting was good and the cast was a great choice of actors.

The movie was set in the 60s era and felt as if it was the 60s. The clothes, the furniture, the cars. I especially loved Bette's outfits and the car she drove with the huge-@ss wheel. It appeared as what it was like not having powered steering.

Now, for the rest. I really was not that crazy about the story. I think that the writing took a middle approach and stuck with it throughout the movie. The story really never took a venture one way or another and some was funny, but other parts were sad and yet never went in depth. I think they could have taken a different road to have carried things along differently, but I have heard that it is hard to do a story about an actual person.

If you have yet to see this movie, I still encourage it. If you are a big Bette fan, than see it and make your own opinion. But if you are a Susann fan, others have suggested waiting till video.

My grades:
Bette Midler - A
other actors - B
movie script/plot in it self - D