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1 murder. 460 prime suspects. Not so much of a 'who done it' as a 'who didn't'.

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Release Date: March 3rd, 2000
MPAA Rating: PG-13 (for some thematic elements, language and brief sexuality)

Distributor: Destination Films

Cast: Neve Campbell, Jamie Lee Curtis, Danny DeVito, Will Ferrell, William Fichtner, Bette Midler, Casey Affleck

Director: Nick Gomez (Illtown, New Jersey Drive)

Screenwriter: Peter Steinfeld

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Bette Midler----------Danny Devito----------Neve Cambell-----------Casey Affleck

Jamie Lee Curtis---------Will Ferrell-----------Marcus Thomas

Somewhat north of the metropolis of Manhattan, lies the quiet little town of Verplanck, N.Y.
Not known to the outside world for anything special, it is a community not without its eccentricities. For one thing, the automobile of choice in Verplanck is the Yugo. It seems the town was a test market for the vehicles a few years back. Chief of Police Wyatt Rash (DANNY DeVITO) has a penchant for show tunes. Nothing to be inferred from that. He just does. And when longtime resident Mona Dearly (BETTE MIDLER) drove
her Yugo into the river to her death, no one really seemed to care. All in all, Mona's jaunt into the river could have been described as a pretty fortuitous accident for everyone whose lives she touched, or in mona's case, bludgeoned. Except for the fact that it wasn't an accident. After careful examination of the water-logged Yugo, Wyatt Rash has determined that somebody has helped the car along the route to Mona's demise. While Rash didn't particularly care for the woman either, he is bound by duty to find her killer. And he's not going to get a lot of help from people of Verplanck it wasn't that her family and friends were insensitive. It's just that Mona wasn't exactly the most well-liked citizen of the town. She made live miserable for her son Jeff (MARCUS THOMAS), as well as Jef's business partner Bobby Calzone (CASEY AFFLECK). She drove her husband Phil (WILLIAM FICHTNER) into the arms of the Palace diner's career waitress Rona (JAMIE LEE CURTIS). Bobby's fiancee Ellen (NEVE CAMPBELL), who also happens to be Chief Rash's daughter, has been on the wrong end of Mona's temper as well, and she can't particularly grieve for a woman who surely would have ruined her future with Bobby. Even Rash's deputy Feege (PETER DOBSON) seemed to have a mysterious reason to be intimidated by the woman. The biggest problem in Chief Rash's investigation is when he asks himself 'who would like to see Mona Dearly dead?,' the same answer keeps coming back --

Who wouldn't?..

found in a paste EW magazine under Hot List:
7. Drowning Mona
Everyone in a small town has a motive for killing Bette Midler.
They've seen Beaches?